Last year the Melbourne Vintage Men’s Group made me a lifetime honorary member. In fact it is they who gave me inspiration and encouragement to develop the LGBT Older People’s Group in North Staffordshire. So there is a feeling of mutual respect. Because of my injured leg, I felt it unwise to meet up with Gordon and Paul at Joy Radio…that would have meant an early start and a long walk to Alexandra Park. Instead, I took a taxi from the Metro YHA directly to the park. The timing was perfect, I arrived just as they were unloading their cars with stuff for the stall. Whilst unable to help with heavy items, my assistance throughout the day allowed Gordon to do a live radio interview and Paul to sing with the choir at Midsumma Carnival. Together with David, the Chairman of the group, we sold loads of books and DVDs….raising a useful sum of money for Vintage Men.


On Monday, I felt fit enough for a day at the seaside…so took a tram to Bourke Street where I caught the 96 tram to St Kilda Beach. The interchange stop was close to site of the terrible car attack that occurred on the Friday whilst I was flying to Auckland.  Monday, however was a peaceful sunny day, but with a very strong wind…so after a tasty lunch and a short stroll along the seafront, I headed back to North Melbourne. Before leaving Australia, I managed to see an interesting Banksy Exhibition in a tent behind Federation Square car park and the David Hockney Show at the National Gallery of Victoria. For the latter I am indebted to Paul who kindly pushed me round in a wheelchair.


Although this was my shortest visit to Australia, I succeeded in my objectives of renewing friendships as well as attending social and cultural events. In addition, I also met some delightful people like Pan a Chinese student in E-Commerce who couldn’t believe that I was older than his grandfather.

About Maurice Greenham

Musician, actor, writer, student, art lover, global traveller. Gay man living with HIV for over 35 years...and enjoying life in his 70s. Speaks Spanish, French and German as well as English. Although German was the language he studied most recently, it is the one with which he has most difficulty. Competent pianist and becoming more competent as an organist. Normally sing tenor in a choir, but can also manage bass parts. Had a successful career in professional theatre which he loved... until it ended with enforced retirement because of an AIDS diagnosis in 1994 when Maurice was given 6 months to live. Before that worked in education as a teacher/lecturer in music and drama.
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