Musings in May

Normally my weekly schedule is pretty full, but this month there have been weeks with completely free days. That leaves me with no excuse for tackling some of my long-term intentions…like writing, archiving photos, embarking on post-graduate higher education.

Easier said than done.

I now realise I have been hiding behind the weak vindication of a heavy work load to avoid the serious business of hard concentrated application to close reading, analytical research and regular intensive writing sessions. Perhaps I am coming round to the truth that I am more of a performer…a doer…than an observer and recorder.

Having said that…I have to confess to the great joy I have experienced in finding I have time to notice small things…like the wildlife in the backyard.

A pair of little dunnocks or hedge sparrows seem to be nesting in the ivy. A couple of blackbirds are regular visitors along with a cheeky robin who stares at me through the kitchen window as if he has every right to my utter, undivided attention. Magpies pay frequent visits, crows occasionally…they scare away the daily wood pigeons who used to reside in a large conifer at the front of the house up until this year. Alas the conifer was demolished at the behest of the Council who had received complaints of vegetation obstructing the foot-way.

The latest visitor is a tiny goldfinch that darts amongst thistles and seeding plants. I’ve bought a small bird feeder…and this morning I saw him using it…along with the dunnocks. Joyous!

This past week has been more like normal with training sessions in Birmingham, networking event in Newcastle, choir rehearsals at church and the monthly meeting of the LGBT Older People’s Group. Saturday was a NSDOS outing to North Wales….delightful drive through the countryside, lovely meal, stimulating company and fabulous organs to hear and play. Wonderful







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