Corona Chronicles September 2021


Hard to believe…but I’ve turned 80….Yeah!

On Monday, Steve B arranged to have coffee with me at the New Vic…nothing unusual about that. However, when Steve met me outside the theatre, he steered me away from the cafe to the opposite end of the gallery. To my surprise and delight there was a crowd of friends from some of the local organisations and community groups with which I am involved. They had gone to town with huge balloons, rainbow flags, flowers, presents, cakes, cards and candles. Fantastic!

Japanese maple which should look great in the garden

A Day With HIV

On Wednesday 22 September I took part in a Twitter campaign @A_Day_With_HIV Although this challenge to HIV stigma began in America…it has become global. In the UK it had the support of all the main HIV charities including The National AIDS Trust Terrence Higgins Trust George House Trust UK Community Advisory Board

My personal contribution consisted of a photo (below) and a brief tweet mentioning that I have lived with HIV for over 37 years and was enjoying a full and active life at 80.

Stoke Pride 2021

Despite inclement weather Stoke Pride was a huge success. It was fine when Sue and I put up the OLGBT Group gazebo and also when a group of us took it down at the end of the day. The rain cleared to the Parade too. We have never had so many people coming to engage with us. Individuals signing up for the mailing list, civic dignitaries, representatives from other organisations and even people needing personal support. Originally planned for June, it was put together at extreme short notice when COVID restrictions were eased. Congratulations to the organisers, stall holders and to everyone who braved the elements to attend a fabulous, friendly event.






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