Latitude Festival

Some festival goers hail Latitude as the Queen of festivals…so I felt honoured and privileged to find myself taking part in the opening event – a Procession of Elders and […]

Mid Summer 2019

The OLGBT Wellbeing Project, funded by the People’s Health Trust with money raised from the Health Lottery in the West Midlands,  has come to the end of the second series […]

Musings in May

Normally my weekly schedule is pretty full, but this month there have been weeks with completely free days. That leaves me with no excuse for tackling some of my long-term […]

February 2019

First Sunday in March (musings of an elderly septuagenarian) I wrote this blog a fortnight ago but life has been so hectic since that it didn’t get finished or posted. […]

End of Year Reflexion

Busy Year There can be no question that 2018 has kept me well occupied. Flying back from the other ..side of the planet business class, meant that I suffered less […]


September saw my seventy seventh birthday come and go. The day itself was just a normal working day ending with an executive committee meeting of Staffordshire Buddies when everyone sang […]

Mid Year Report Part 2

In the first episode of this mid 2018 report, I mentioned just a few of the adventures and misadventures I have had since returning home from my trip to Australia […]

Mid Year Report

Looking back over the past six months makes me realise once again that I don’t need to go to foreign parts to encounter adventures…or misadventures. Beginning with the latter…first, the […]

New Zealand

Auckland Auckland is well known for its four-season days, so it came as no surprise to find a mixed bag of sun and showers. After letting folk know I had […]


As usual, I timed my arrival in Melbourne to attend Midsumma Carnival which this year fell on Sunday 14 January. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that two of my […]